Logging in is very simple, when following the correct steps. If you have recently registered, and not logged in yet, please note every time you attempt to login in you will need to use our 2 Factor Authorization step.

The email you registered with will be the email that receives the 2FA link and button. Without this you will not be able to login.
If this is your first time logging in and you are unfamiliar with the 2FA, Then to better understand this process and assure you login without issue, please read the questions pertaining to:

  • Agent Mismatch
  • Token Expired

These explain in better detail about the 2FA and how it works. This will help you to avoid the most common login issues.

Please Note: When you are attempting to login please make sure to use the email you registered with, logging in is extremely dependent on this to be correct.

2fa agent mistmatch

Possible Causes:
A: You are using a browser other than your default browser.
B: You are not using the same browser, you are using to login to your account.

Please note:
The 2FA email button and link, if either are clicked, they will try to open your default browser.

if your default browser is “Chrome”, but you trigger the 2FA using the “Firefox” browser. The email Button or Link, when clicked, will attempt to open “Chrome”.

Possible Solutions:
A: Make sure you are trying to login using your default browser, when clicking the email button or link.
B: Copy the full link, from the 2FA email, and paste that link to the search bar, of the browser you are using, that triggered the 2FA request.

One of these options will grant you access.

token expired

Possible Causes:
A. Already used the supplied “token link” from the initial email
B. Attempted to use the token link inside a browser that did not send the request for a token link
C. Browser may be holding cache from previous login using an older token
D. May have let the 2FA counter run out completely

Possible Solutions:
A. Retry logging in and check email for a new button and token link.
B. Make sure the browser that triggered the 2FA is the browser receiving the token link to confirm access token match.
C. Clear the browser history (Cache, Cookies) in the browser being used to attend the course. Then retry logging back in. This will send a new button and token link.
D. Make sure to check and use the provided token link or button in the 2FA email

Please Note:
• Email tokens that have already been used will no longer be usable. A new 2FA token must be sent via the browser you are using.
• Clicking the button provided in the initial email will request the computer’s default browser. If you are not using your default browser, than you will need to copy the link just below the button of the email and paste that into the browser that sent the initial 2FA request.
• The token is only usable on the browser that requested it. Other wise this will trigger the Agent Mismatch.

After purchasing the course. You will need to return to the student dashboard of your account, scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see you course. You can then click on it to begin.

Student Enrolled

enrolled and ready to start

The course price is $69.95. all inclusive, no additional charges. Some of OTPDC competitors charge an additional $4.00 or $5.00 fee for your certificate.

No. The course and final test is completely online, and can be accessed from the comfort of your own home.

You can take the course as many times as you would like. But keep in mind the course has a 30 day expiration date. Which the count down begins immediately upon purchase. If you do not complete the course before the 30 days you will need to repurchase the course, and begin from the beginning.

The course final allows 2 attempts to pass the final. If you should fail the 2nd attempt you will need to wait 24 hours, before trying your 3rd attempt and every attempt following.
Attempts are unlimited until your course expiration is reached. So if you reach your course expiration and still are attempting to complete the final you will need to repurchase the course and begin all over.

Although the course is capable of functioning on a tablet, or smart phone device. We still highly advise that you use a laptop, or desktop computer with good internet connection. Not every mobile device is the same and could cause issues with functionality. You will definitely want to take your final exam on a laptop, or desktop computer as your mobile device, or tablet could be prone to freezing, or randomly disconnecting.

Yes! You may purchase the course for some one else. But that person will need to register to the website first. The course and certificate information are very dependent on the information the registering person enters during the registration process.

How to go about purchasing for someone else:
Once the registering person is registered to the website, they will need to login to their account, and begin the process of purchasing the course.
When they reach the checkout steps, that is when the person purchasing the course will need to fill in their Billing and Credit Card information. The email entered into the billing information will receive a receipt/invoice of purchase.

If you are already registered to the website, but you are looking to have someone else purchase the course for you, than the same steps above would apply.

Yes! You may attend the course on more than one device. We only recommend to make sure of two things when doing so.

  1. Make sure you are logged out of the 1st device.
  2. Follow the 2FA sequence for the 2nd device.

You begin the course on your desktop, then a few minutes later you decide to finish that section on your laptop. Pause video. Completely logout of your student account. Retrieve your laptop and revisit where you left off.

If still experiencing difficulties, please reach out to SUPPORT