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Receive 2 point credit on your Ohio driver’s license or get your license reinstated with our 100% state-approved online remedial driving course.

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If you have received a traffic ticket in Ohio, you can receive a 2 point credit on your license by successfully completing our program. Points off of your license mean lower insurance rates, the ability to drive to work or for pleasure to retain your driver’s license. These classes are state & court approved, and your class will be transmitted to the state authority to obtain a 2 point credit on your license or to reinstate your license.

Online Two Point Driving Classes is a premier video based program that emphasizes a positive user experience. It is fast paced, informative, full of practical information, facts, figures, and above all, current law. Maybe you took Drivers Training years ago, and don’t remember all that you had to know to qualify for your license. Not to worry! Online Two Point Driving Classes has your back, providing a superior quality class that will educate you about basic driving safety, techniques, and current law. We bring you up to speed and never have to leave your phone, tablet, or computer to do so.

Enroll in a Online Remedial Driving Course to Reinstate Your License or Receive a 2 Point Credit

The best value and best user experience in the state of Ohio, our remedial driving course is 100% approved by the state. Get started below:

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Our remedial driving class is a 100% state & court approved license point reduction program. This convenient and affordable online course means you do not have to appear in person and can be taken on your phone, tablet, pad, computer and at your own pace.

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OTPDC Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Kate Lewis

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