Ohio Remedial Driving Course

100% Online Course

Avoid busy classrooms & in-person instruction by completing your required remedial driving course online from the comfort of your own home.

Court Approved

Our remedial driving course is state-approved, meaning it’s completion will satisfy the requirements to receive a 2 point credit on your license or have your license reinstated.


With our online program, drivers can conveniently complete a remedial driving course at their own pace on their own schedule.

About Our Remedial Driving Course

Learn more about our online remedial driving course, including who is eligible to complete the program, as well as the variety of topics that are covered in our course.

Course Eligibility

  • Have received points at least 2 points on your license
  • Have had your license suspended
  • Have not taken a remedial driving course in the past 3 years
  • Have not taken a remedial driving course more than 4 times in your lifetime

Topics Covered

  • Ohio’s driving laws, licenses, and registrations
  • Driving situations and scenarios
  • What to do in case of a crash
  • Reducing your risks while driving
  • Managing anger & other emotions
  • Risk management/alcohol & drugs

Benefits Of Our Ohio Online Driving Course

  • Take completely online from the comfort of your own home
  • Self-paced and on your own schedule
  • Approved by all Ohio courts
  • Potential discounts on car insurance premiums

Informative & Interactive Learning

We understand that driver’s education isn’t the most exciting topic, and that’s why we structured our driving course to be as engaging & interesting as possible.

Our course, which is the culmination of years of experience in corrective behavior & online behavior-based learning, uses a variety of interactive lessons, videos and quizzes to help keep you engaged to retain all of the information required to remove points from your license or have your license reinstated.

  • 8 hours of online instruction

  • Interactive learning

  • Knowledgeable instructors

  • Take from the comfort of your home

  • Avoid busy classrooms

  • 2 Point Credit or reinstate your license

The Best In Ohio Online Remedial Driving

Online Two Point Driving Classes is the premier remedial driving course in the state of Ohio.

Online Remedial Driving Course FAQ

What is a Remedial Driving Course?

A remedial driving course is a program mandated by the state of Ohio as part of their requirements for drivers license reinstatement, as well as an option for drivers who are looking to remove points from their license. In the past, remedial driving courses were only held in person, but the Ohio BMV has recently approved select programs to be completed 100% online.

With Online Two Point Driving Classes’ fully state-approved remedial driving course, Ohio drivers can remove 2 points from their license from the comfort of their own home.  Our convenient program allows drivers to work at their own pace and on their own schedule, avoiding crowded in-person classrooms and the hassle that comes with traditional remedial driving courses.

How Long Is a Remedial Driving Course?

Per Ohio law, the Online Two Point Driving Classes program is a total of 8 hours in length, and must be completed in a single day. Throughout the length of the course, drivers will be educated on a variety of different topics, including Ohio driving laws, licenses and registrations, equipment regulations, traffic laws, traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings, and bicycle and pedestrian laws.

Additionally, this course will cover topics related to situational driving awareness, including driving law for encountering school busses, safe driving in school zones, driving near large trucks and semis, what to do at railroad crossings, and how to drive when encountering bicyclists. Finally, our online remedial driving course will also cover a variety of topics related to risk management, including driver communication, personal responsibility, safe and courteous driving strategies and principles, as well as aggressive driving issues and road rage.

How Many Points Can I Get On My License?

The max number of points a person can receive on their Ohio driver’s license is 12 points in a two year period. When a driver accumulates 12 or more points in this time frame, then the Ohio BMV will impose an automatic six month license suspension, also known as a 12-point suspension. If you’re facing a 12-point suspension and need to receive a point credit fast, then our online remedial driving course is the solution.

Understanding the Ohio License Points System

Whether you only have two points on your record from a minor traffic ticket or first conviction, or you have a larger amount of points as the result of multiple or more severe moving violations, it’s important to fully understand how license points work in Ohio in order to avoid having your driver’s license suspended.

Why Choose Online Two Point Driving Classes vs. Another Program?

There are plenty of remedial driving classes available throughout the state of Ohio, but Online Two Point Driving Classes is one of the best. Learn more about why you should choose Online Two Point Driving Classes for your state-approved remedial driving course.

Reduce Your Points Today!

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Here’s what our happy drivers had to say about our services:

OTPDC Driving School really helped build my confidence behind the wheel and with driving in general, and they got me a first time pass! Highly recommended.

Sophia Jones

With OTPC, I was able to complete my required remedial driving course completely online, which save me so much time and hassle. Highly recommend!

Harold Green

After my license was suspended, I was worried that I would never be able to drive again. Thankfully, with the help OTPDC, I was able to get my license reinstated and get back on the road.

Grant Harvey

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