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Cleveland Remedial Driving Course

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council offers Remedial Driving Classes for adults aged 18 and older, approved and certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety – Bureau of Motor Vehicles. These courses are essential for reinstating suspended licenses in Ohio and are aimed at preventing unnecessary accidents and injuries. The classes cater to those with suspended licenses or individuals seeking to add two extra points to their driving records.

Students in the Cleveland Remedial Driving Class learn defensive driving techniques that have been proven to reduce accidents and injuries. The Ohio State Certified course follows a structured curriculum approved by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, covering critical topics such as defensive driving, traffic laws, and road safety measures. Qualified instructors with extensive driver education experience administer the course.

Origin of the Cleveland Remedial Driving Class

An independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, the Greater Cleveland Safety Council (GCSC) serves Northeast Ohio, primarily focusing on the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area. Established as a Safety Council in 1919, GCSC is one of the oldest Safety Councils in the country and a charter member of the American Association of Safety Councils. The organization aims to promote health and safety in various settings, including workplaces, highways, and homes. It works with members to enhance their safety programs through education, training, and materials designed to help them maintain a safety culture in their operations.

GCSC also encourages safe practices on busy highways, and everywhere in between. Other GCSC objectives are to ascertain the causes and number of accidents, as well as explore and recommend preventive measure to avert recurrence.

Ohio’s Online 2 Point Driving Classes: A Reliable Solution

Ohio’s online 2-point driving classes offer drivers a convenient and approved method to meet their 2-point driving class requirement.

Court-Approved and Compliance Guaranteed: Approved by Ohio courts, this online remedial driving class ensures adherence to state regulations and effective point reduction.

Comprehensive Curriculum for Skill Enhancement: The course covers defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, and more, enhancing participants’ driving skills and knowledge.

Developed by Industry Professionals: Maintained by experts, the course delivers top-quality educational content, reflecting industry best practices.

Convenience and Flexibility: The online format allows drivers to pursue the course not just at their own pace but from the any location such as the home or office.

Choosing the Right Remedial Driving Course in Cleveland, Ohio

Residents of Cleveland seeking a remedial driving school can opt for reputable online alternatives approved by the Ohio BMV, fulfilling state requirements effectively.

When you receive points on your driver’s license for traffic violations, they stay on your record for two years. Accumulating 12 points within two years results in a six-month license suspension. You can appeal a suspension before it starts, but once it begins, further actions are limited. Completing the Ohio Adult Remedial Course is mandatory for license reinstatement.

CRDC Course Overview

The course is mandatory for drivers with suspended licenses and optional for those seeking a two-point credit to prevent suspension. Classes are conducted entirely in a classroom setting from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The course dedicates 25% of the time to driver attitude and another 25% to the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving. The minimum course duration is eight hours, but it may extend based on student learning speed and additional requirements. The course meets state requirements for a two-point credit for those with 2 to 11 points and satisfies the requirements for a 12-point suspension.

The Remedial Driving Class offered in Cleveland has a structured curriculum approved and certified by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The course covers essential topics for enhancing driving skills, including defensive driving techniques, traffic laws, and road safety measures. The course is administered by qualified instructors with extensive knowledge and experience in driver education.

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Eligibility and Enrollment

Drivers with suspended licenses can take the Remedial Course even if they completed it less than two years ago. Registration and prepayment are required, which can be done online or by calling the Safety Council Office at (216) 524-4047. A valid photo ID and driver’s license number are necessary. The class costs $85.00 per person, payable online or by phone with a credit card.

Benefits of Completing the CRDC

The online format of these courses allows participants to study at their own pace and convenience, free from the constraints of attending in-person classes. This flexibility is especially beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or those living in remote areas where attending physical classes is inconvenient. Online remedial driving courses provide the opportunity to learn essential material from the comfort of home, making them a convenient option for drivers looking to improve their driving records.

Completing the Ohio State Certified Remedial Driving Class offers several other benefits:

  • Regaining driving privileges if your license was suspended or revoked.
  • Potential insurance discounts from many providers.
  • Enhancing driving skills and improving lifestyle and driving record.
  • Opportunities for a 2-point credit on your driving record, reducing the risk of increased insurance premiums, license suspensions, or revocations.

Many insurance companies recognize the value of this training and offer discounts to those who successfully complete the class. Special pricing is available for company-sponsored students. Contact the Safety Council at (216) 524-4047 for details. Additionally, if your employer covers the class cost, you may receive a discounted registration fee.

Additional benefits associated with the CRDC include the following:

  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Immediate certificate download upon course completion.
  • Engaging videos and activities.
  • Earning a 2-point credit to maintain a clean driving record and reduce insurance costs.

The online remedial driving courses are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to drivers of all experience levels. These courses typically feature interactive elements such as videos, quizzes, and animations, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. Participants can review and reinforce important concepts at their own pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of safe driving practices.

The Greater Cleveland Safety Council continually provides resources to promote safety and well-being. For more information, visit Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


Successfully completing an online remedial driving course approved by the BMV allows individuals to earn up to a 2-point credit on their driving records. This credit can lead to lower insurance premiums and improved driving privileges.

Ohio’s online remedial driving courses offer a convenient and efficient way for drivers to earn credits on their driving records. These courses also enhance participants’ knowledge and skills behind the wheel.









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